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Mi, 03.07.2019

Doors: 20.30h; Start: 21h

True artists know exactly who they are, what they want, and where they’re headed. That said, The Score—Eddie Anthony [vocals, guitar, song-writer] and Edan Dover [keyboard, producer] unapologetically cling to a defined identity. “We’re a kick ass band, and the energy at our shows reflects that,” Eddie declares. “If you come to a show, you’ll get a room full of people jumping up and down and screaming. It’s in your face.” 
That energy transformed the New York-born and Los Angeles-based duo into a genre-defying phenomenon, incinerating the lines between rock, pop, indie, and electronic. Powered by anthems such as “Legend,” and “Unstoppable,” The Score reached hundreds of millions of cumulative streams within three years’ time over the course of two EPs— Unstoppable and Myths & Legends—and a 2017 full-length debut, ATLAS.  

“I want people to listen to our new music and say, ‘damn, this is exactly what I’m going through’,” concludes Eddie. “Even if you’re in a completely different lane, I want you to realize we’re all going through the same journey. You’re not alone. You can overcome whatever pressures you’re facing. If we had a message, that would be it.”


So, 07.07.2019
Doors: 20.30h; Show: 21h

Specializing in a raw hillbilly punk-blues style that roars like a tweaking modal chain saw, Left Lane Cruiser is a band led by slide guitarist Frederick "Joe" Evans IV. Their music has the swampy feel of North Mississippi hill country blues à la Junior Kimbrough and R.L. Burnside, with a good dose of snarling garage punk tossed into the mix. While the band would sometimes expand into a trio, they record the bulk of their work as a two-piece, and the tough, funky roar of their music arrives fully formed on their 2006 debut Gettin' Down on It. Left Lane Cruiser stay true to their sledgehammer take on garage-infused blues, even when they partnered with James Leg on 2012's Painkillers, added an electric skateboard on 2015's Dirty Spliff Blues, or brought in a keyboard player for 2017's Claw Machine Wizard.
The release of 2015's Dirty Spliff Blues saw Left Lane Cruiser going through some lineup changes; Brenn Beck left the group and Pete Dio stepped in as their drummer, while the group also expanded into a trio with the addition of Joe Bent, who played bass and an electrified skateboard. In 2016, the band released the collection Beck in Black, which featured eight fan favorites along with six previously unreleased tracks from Brenn Beck's time with the group. Left Lane Cruiser were down to the duo of Evans and Dio when they released 2017's Claw Machine Wizard following the departure of Joe Bent, while guest keyboardist Jason Davis appeared on the album. Davis was back on board for 2019's Shake and Bake, a set full of stories of life on the road.
Di, 16.07.2019
Doors: 20.30h; Start: 21h

„Dum Dum Drum Drum Bam Bam Streetdrum - I wanna feel you in my Eardrum“ heißt es im Song  "Rabengasse" von La Sabotage und ja, endlich ist diese Streetdrum quer durch Österreich und Deutschland zu hören: Bei ihrer ersten großen Tour präsentiert die Band ihr Debutalbum "FEST".
Marlene, Nele und Sara lernen sich und ihre Instrumente 2015 beim pink noise Girls Rock Camp kennen. 2017 veröffentlichen sie ihre erste 7’’ auf dem Wiener Label Fettkakao und performen unter anderem auf Events wie dem Popfest und dem Gender Crash X in Wien, Popméter in Ungarn und bei der YOUKI in Wels. Mit E-Bass, E-Gitarre, Drums, Laptop, Alt-Blockflöte, Vocals und deren ungewöhnlichen Kombination kreieren sie ihren eigenen Sound, der sich nicht in ein Musikgenre zwängen lässt, sondern in einem Song gleich mehrere bedient.
Wer sich nun noch fragt, warum noch nie jemand die Band auf den Grammatikfehler in ihrem Namen aufmerksam gemacht hat: Der männliche Artikel „Le“ wurde bewusst abgelehnt und durch das weibliche „La“ ersetzt.

October 2018. LADY LYNCH release their eponymous album via Vienna’s bustling and stylistically confident label Cut Surface. It is where great emphasis is put on collective action, esteem, friendship and the break-up of unambiguity’s canon (Hommage).
„Don’t you be so cool“. The first words sung put their finger straight into the wound of these uncertainties on which we have to toil and moil every day anew. Us, functioning little apparatuses (Fundamental Friend Dependability / Tiny Machine). It has to be love. And it has to be heavy reliance on each other. Never nothing can ever describe the collaboration within a band.
LADY LYNCH is everything and collective. From Girls Rock Camp to Wilhelm Show Me The Major Label, to Crystal Soda Cream, to fine arts. Back to the early 80s, to Lydia Koch aka Lunch and David Lynch, to the bollocksed Bowery area. To druggy and grey Berlin around Blixa, Gudrun and Nick during the time of the wall, to rural phoniness – in the northwestern U.S., in Styria or elsewhere.

Do, 18.07.2019
Doors: 20.30h; Start: 21h

GET DEAD from San Francisco are like an explosion on stage! Always powerful and always giving all they can give!
They toured North America, Europe and Japan several times and created a big fanbase allover the world. They released two full lenght records and a single, that all were produced by Fat Mike himself, on FAT WRECK CHORDS in the past few years.
Their unique sound and maniac frontman Sam King make them one of a kind!
In early 2019 they will release a new album on FAT that will blow your mind!
Such a great band and such good people!

2ND CLASS SUBSTITUTES wurden 2012 in Wien gegründet und spielen modernen und melodiösen Punkrock mit englischen Texten. Die Wiener lassen sich musikalisch nicht klar in eine Ecke stellen, aber Vergleiche mit Bands wie HOT WATER MUSIC, NO FUN AT ALL oder SOCIAL DISTORTION zeigen die grundsätzliche Stoßrichtung auf.
In Eigenregie wurden zunächst mehrere EPs sowie das Album „Dead End Street“ veröffentlicht. Die Ende 2017 erschienene EP „Among Apes“ wurde in Zusammenarbeit mit TRUE TRASH RECORDS herausgebracht und erhielt durchweg positive Resonanzen und Kritiken.
Durch die Jahre haben sich 2CS den Ruf einer energiegeladenen Liveband erarbeitet, und teilten sich die Bühne schon mit Genregrößen wie BAD RELIGION, NO FUN AT ALL, THE RUMJACKS oder THE LURKERS.